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i Vilardebó in a sentence

1. He was arrested by the Co-Prince and Bishop Justí Guitart i Vilardebó and their authorities on 20 July and ultimately expelled from Spain.

2. In 1934, Boris Skossyreff declared himself "Boris I, King of Andorra”. After months in power, he was expelled when he declared war on Justí Guitart i Vilardebó, a Spanish co-prince of Andorra.

3. One of them, which ended up at the hands of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Urgell, Justí Guitart i Vilardebó, caused uproar among his close circle, where he reaffirmed that the only co-princes of Andorra were he and the President of the French Republic.

4. Justí Guitart i Vilardebó (December 16, 1875 –

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