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No. sentence
1 I can see that this hypothesis is true in my life and I expect it to also be true in yours.
2 A suggested explanation, so long as its correctness is still in doubt, is called a hypothesis.
3 One hypothesis about their creation is that they are the result of stars being sucked into giant black holes.
4 One of the most bizarre is the "many worlds" hypothesis, which states that the cat is both alive and dead, and that both cats exist in different universes that will never overlap with one another.
5 They are never set out as a clear hypothesis with the accompanying evidence and a clear suggestion of what research programmes might be planned to clarify any uncertainties.
6 No single hypothesis for the origin of the red Wolf is universally accepted by scientists.
7 The hypothesis says that once you taste it, you won't be as happy without it.
8 her colleagues, however, had another hypothesis.
9 There is an age old hypothesis in psychology that a person's wishes, hopes and desires can influence what they see," said David Dunning, Cornell University psychologist and co-author of the study.
10 put this hypothesis to the test, I teamed up with my colleagues - the psychologists George Newman and Paul Bloom.
11 lasts about as much time as many other human actions and neurological processes, which supports a hypothesis that we go through life perceiving the present in a series of 3-second Windows.
12 Many of the other features observed in and around this crater are indicative of an ice-rich terrain, which may lend credence to the water formation hypothesis for these gullies.
13 We have another hypothesis as well.
14 These are arguments in favor of this hypothesis.
15 So we have a hypothesis.
16 Why is that so, and what should it mean for our theorizing and hypothesis testing?
17 So all these skeptical hypothesis actually imply my thinking and my existence.
18 But what will it mean for the efficient market hypothesis if the market rallies on the news?
19 Now you must collect data and use it to validate your hypothesis.
20 But solving two mysteries with one hypothesis means that it's not so nutty.
21 But the transportation minister refused to offer any hypothesis about what happened.
22 His new cells will provide the test bed for that hypothesis.
23 The fear induced by his face should be enough by itself. At least, that is the hypothesis.
24 But this hypothesis was based on skewed, outdated research.
25 Further evidence for this hypothesis can be obtained by examining the position of the median in the boxplot.
26 The best way to test this hypothesis is to look at children.
27 They have also performed some laboratory tests by blowing on ice-assisted rocks. These simple tests support the ice-raft hypothesis.
28 researchers compared those measurements with depths predicted by models and then analyzed the results using a new hypothesis about the flow of heat within the mantle.
29 If we find a "missing" outdoor temperature in one of the indoor sites, it strongly supports our hypothesis.
30 But how might he study such a hypothesis?