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No. sentence
1 Scientists also have tried to grow human organs in animals that could one day be transplanted back into humans _ like a mouse onto whose back scientists grew a human ear.
2 In the paring down of genetic material and the production of several slave RACES of humans, the information for the unconscious was lost.
3 It is transmitted between animals and humans by the bite of infected fleas, direct contact, inhalation and rarely, ingestion of infective materials.
4 The researchers hypothesize that crows learn to recognize threatening humans from both parents and others in their flock.
5 Cats, dogs, and humans walking near a mockingbird nest, usually in urban and suburban areas, can expect a close encounter with an angry parent and even a sharp peck.
6 This policy, Nasa hopes, will free resources to invest in a new capsule and rocket capable of sending humans beyond the space station to destinations such as the Moon, asteroids and Mars.
7 For example, are these crops safe to humans and other species that inhabit Earth?
8 Although we can never travel back in time to know exactly why or how this arithmetic ability evolved in humans, social battles might have something to do with it," she said.
9 In humans melatonin levels rise at night, in response to darkness and cues from the circadian clock.
10 The snappers started nibbling at my ponytail, they had never seen humans.
11 Much of REST has been described with using the human Web as an example. By "human Web", I mean browsers and the humans using these browsers.
12 We're more able than ever to witness the tragedy of millions of our fellow humans on television or online.
13 So scientists will need to determine whether lower doses of the drug can offer humans anti-ageing effects without compromising their immune systems, Kaeberlein says.
14 Humans excel at extracting meaning and sentiment from even the tiniest snippets of text, a task that stumps machines.
15 But we don't have that choice as humans.
16 Geothermal reservoirs are like capped geysers: When humans drill a hole, hot stuff comes up, which can be used to run a turbine.
17 may be different causes for the learning and memory problems in rats as opposed to that of humans.
18 Since rats do have some of the same neural systems we do, the rat research could have implications for humans, though stress in humans is more complicated than in rodents, the researchers say.
19 Although the vasopressin cycle and clock-neuron activity are similar in rats and humans, the question of whether the same mechanism occurs in animals that sleep at night remains to be answered.
20 If Skinner kept the focus on rats and pigeons and dogs, he would not have the impact that he did but he argued that you could extend all of these notions to humans and to human behavior.
21 Humans think they have all the rights over us, and that we have no rights because we do not speak the same language or because we are different.
22 He noted that while freshwater is essential to humans and ecosystems, the rain is falling in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons.
23 That is why TenderHeart and I so urgently want humans to understand the urgency of our message.
24 Humans do have some important abilities, including the capacity to observe regularities in nature, and to communicate with others.
25 If water can be found there, then so can life, he said, adding that aliens would most likely resemble humans with two arms, two legs and a head.
26 We use the emotional input of other humans as much as we do the air we breathe and the food we eat.
27 Thinking that humans can manipulate nature in this way seems hubristic. But considering the danger from hurricanes and the enormous costs they exact, it may be worth a try.
28 No, the real value of captive pandas lies not in their identity as pandas but in the colossal symbolic importance we humans have invested in this remarkable species.
29 is interesting to see that even animals that have contact with humans, like cats, have much smaller brains than dogs and horses because of their lack of sociality.
30 Whereas animals such as elephants, dolphins, and whales have larger brains, humans have the most developed cerebrum.