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1 Apple pushes - and will continue to push - the utopian, humanistic qualities of its platform quietly but relentlessly in almost everything it does.
2 Humanistic spirit as a historical discourse enjoys different implications and categorizations in different historical contexts.
3 I came to love the neat, sharp-sided, airy script of 14th-century account books, and to admire the delicately rounded humanistic hand of Renaissance Italian ambassadors.
4 Taking slums in Venezuela as the counterexample, the paper states the authors understanding of the sociality and humanistic spirit of city living space.
5 When Bill Clinton wore an “X” cap, he was not railing against blue-eyed devils; he was gesturing to this late, “humanistic” Malcolm.
6 The other thing is that we've been very sympathetic toward a classical design in that the reliefs feature humanistic figures as opposed to abstract figures.
7 These would mean "humanistic" Gymnasien (academic high schools) like the Johanneum would get two fewer years to impart Latin and Greek.
8 Huizhou memorial archway, as a rare relic of historic culture, is certainly closely connected with unique humanistic natural environment in Huizhou.
9 Affecting mankinds existence and development, the science and technology incarnates its humanistic value in the field of matter, spirit, politics and mankinds own evolution.
10 Based on the place theory, the paper investigates the reuse of humanistic resources in Bailongdong Scenic Aea of Emei Mountain.
11 Therefore the solutions are given to the reuse of humanistic resources in Bailongdong Scenic Aea.
12 Trifle was an artistic manifestation of reflection and exploration of such ideal and practices from humanistic perspective.
13 Humanistic management, market awareness and competitive awareness are the efficacious guarantees of library sustainable development.
14 Author sparkplug humanistic attitude to EMC, and author think that EMC will come into view and can be found out, a rule shall be there to be useable.
15 The value of snobbery in general, its humanistic "point", consists in its power to stimulate activity.
16 Only when the critical weapon undergoes the critical reflection can the kind of "Anti-hallucination" poetics with real scientific sense and humanistic spirit be established.
17 Medical education must interject with humanistic education for cultivating the eligible medical persons in new century.
18 In this era of full material, the secularization of society is a tendency to be unable to hold back the tide of the impact of the humanistic spirit of the territory.
19 men's taste is implied but exposed temperament, and also a personality charm and a symbol of position. It is the most fundamental, essential, incorporeal and humanistic part for men.
20 The employing of a great deal of casual workers in libraries of universities reveals some problems caused by this situation: heckling for humanitarianism and humanistic management;
21 Wang Ping: A girl and an aborigine put together the whole performance, which gave prominence to the humanistic spirit.
22 It also decodes Marks' ontology of feeling or enthusiasm with humanistic ontology and discusses the real meaning of Marks' outlook of marriage and love.
23 A humanistic story about Czech soldiers in exile who fought on the side of the Allies against Nazis and Fascists in the infamous battle of Tobruk in North Africa during WWII.
24 This is Marx's theoretical innovation, symbolizing the transformation of Marx from Feuerbach 's humanistic thinking into the practical thinking mode under the guidance of scientific practice logic.
25 dedicated to supplying global families with comfortable lives humanistic living and professional solution to livingroom.
26 dedicated to supplying global families with comfortable lives, humanistic living and professional solution to livingroom.
27 The penman only discusses the paradigm of ecologism curriculum to open out how the paradigm of humanistic curriculum is transcended by the paradigm of ecologism curriculum.
28 The humanistic spirit is not only the flag of art but also the birthmark and the social instinct of science.
29 This paper discusses on the homology of the library and the leisure, advances some measures for how the library to develop the leisure functions and to externalize the humanistic solicitude.
30 In this sense, science is an utterly humanistic pursuit, the glorification of human intellect over the puzzling, chaotic, and often frightening darkness of ignorance.