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1 of humanism expresses its reluctance to suffer military casualties by devastating the civilian economy of its adversary for decades to come?
2 almost a universally acknowledged statement that Shakespeares depiction of women is of a new line of humanism.
3 top of that, religious liberalism, humanism, evangelical compromise, and ignorance of the Scriptures have all worked against a right understanding of who God is.
4 The essence of the contradiction was the confliction between the Calvinist Puritanism and humanism which were two pillar of Hawthorn's idea about evil.
5 We claim to believe what God says about marriage and family, yet our speech patterns are just as likely to reflect feminism, humanism, and hedonistic values.
6 art of Tseng Yu-Chin is characterized by a deep and fragile humanism.
7 His mental ideal returns the esse nce of Chinese traditional culture:Confucian humanism, independent personality in Taoism and mental freedom in Buddhism to Chinese contemporary literature.
8 essay systematically discusses the three esthetical characters of the poem — the details of savagery, the revealing of humanism and the form of liquid.
9 After his painful choice of life, what is hidden is his struggling heart, and what pestered him is the enlightenment of his versa human nature and then back to the humanism.
10 Gotthold Ephrain Lessings theory is based on the combination of artistic ideals of humanism and the manifestation of realism.
11 And though Gondry fails to imbue the film with the touching humanism of his best work (Eternal Sunshine, be Kind Rewind), he contributes an appealing visual whimsy to the proceedings.
12 In the field of humanism social science research, feminism is a social science thought which has great importance and strong wallop in latter-day times.
13 The essence of humanism for China to get into line with the Olympic Games is pointed out so as to provide theoretical basis for Beijings Bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.
14 of Max's humanism theory differed from the others in history is that it reveals the social nature of human.
15 This article is a humanism attempt which analyses and hackles the classical natural law.
16 BJP s ideology is an integral humanism and Hindutva-based ideological system which stresses culture and value system of Hinduism and holds the idea that Hindu nation equals Indian nation.
17 teaching of theoretical jurisprudence should take the theoretical property and abstractness into account and emphasize its function of shaping humanism of law.
18 Opulence in one part of humanity and utter poverty to the point of destitution in this age of advanced technology makes nonsense of scientific progress and universal humanism.
19 The city ideology consists of citizen humanism and republicanism.
20 The historical appeal has been proved by the weakness of humanism in modern literature development, and the appearance of Kongfu fictions in modern literature from different aspects.
21 Dynasties, convicting cases with Confusianism bore traditional humanism and practical characteristics, therefore it could be realized smoothly;
22 disillusion of humanism --the analysis of love in zhang ai-ling's writings.
23 Humanism is an intensive ideological system, which includes some very important basic theories and viewpoints. Whi have we to "base on people"?
24 Does it not run the risk of slipping into a variety of ethical humanism?
25 Nehru was thoughtful and precise when he drew a link between humanism, tolerance, reason, and progress.
26 Your lame underdeveloped humanism is no match for my tower of higher power!
27 passion and enthusiasm we pay profound respects to TED for its outstanding humanism, the scope of its principles, for its open and generous promotion of young values.
28 Put together, humanism, psychology, semiotic and design.
29 It enhances students' abilities while creating ambassadors of the United States who can share the universal language of music and feel the ties of humanism that the emotion and beauty of music evoke.
30 His style is due to charm, simple humanism, rather than to any power of thought or emotion.