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No. sentence
1 So many great analysts of human nature, from Aristotle to the Buddha, reached for transcendent human truths despite limited contact with the range of humanity.
2 Merely to entertain such a possibility, he huffed on television, "reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature".
3 This body of research suggests the French enlightenment view of human nature, which emphasized individualism and reason, was wrong.
4 loved inheres in human nature.
5 If I gave this lecture ten years ago, I would say that the fundamental attribution error i s a human universal, something that we're born with, a fundamental aspect of human nature.
6 This strongly suggests that compassion is an evolved part of human nature-something we're universally capable of expressing and understanding.
7 They are not only familiar with this or that person or group, but comprehend human nature in general.
8 Though each man’s assertions about human nature are incompatible with each other, they may still function inside the Confucian tradition as alternative ways of cultivation.
9 But though to visit the SINS of the fathers upon the children may be a morality good enough for divinities, it is scorned by average human nature; and it therefore does not mend the matter.
10 developmental psychologists use many ingenious methods to try to pull these apart and try to figure out what are the basic components of human nature.
11 Christie's fictional sleuth is often dismissed as scatterbrained, but she is actually a shrewd judge of character and harbors deep knowledge of the dark side of human nature.
12 The awful and respectable, in that degree of self-command which astonishes by its amazing superiority over the most ungovernable passions of human nature.
13 The integrated connotation of Marxs thought of human nature should be the unity of human nature in general, quasi nature and individual nature.
14 in these tragic heroes that Shakespeares probe for his ideal human nature is artistically embodied.
15 I want to ask you two questions: the first is — How did you contrive to preserve the common sympathies of human nature when you resided here?
16 How did you contrive to preserve the common sympathies of human nature when you resided here? I cannot recognize any sentiment which those around share with me.
17 We have inherited an obsolete, shallow model of human nature," he argues.
18 An enduring feature of human nature is if there's something of interest near us, we generally look at it.
19 It's part of human nature, so I don't think it should be shameful - particularly for girls and young girls.
20 If you're in an unfamiliar environment, it's only human nature to close yourself up and be tense.
21 The simple fact of how important group membership is to us, and how easily we join groups, often without realising it, is both a subtle and profound observation about human nature.
22 When these psychologists write about their own country, all is well. But things deteriorate when they generalize about human nature.
23 Do you think you emerged from your research as a pessimist about human nature?
24 I am enough of an optimist, and I have enough faith in human nature, to believe that people will listen to reason if they are convinced that it is reason.
25 This has led biologists to conclude that altruism is a part of human nature.What they cannot decide is how or why it evolved.
26 Instead of being known as a mere aggregator of research results, Miller found himself identified as a kind of sage - a discoverer of a profound truth about human nature.
27 You can abuse the market, distort it, subsidise it or tax it, but it is rooted in human nature and will prove your master in the end.
28 So Hume gives morality a basis in our brute human nature.
29 I believe this software inflation results from the consequences of human nature-software expands to fill the capacity available for it.
30 Human nature, or at least the noble components of it, inclines us to want to do the right thing.