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No. sentence
1 The great mystery of the incarnation is that God became human in Jesus so that all human flesh could be clothed with divine life.
2 Crocodiles, in fact, do not particularly like human flesh.
3 There is a market for human flesh; and it is not with your shadowy hands, shuddering around them, that you will prevent them from entering it!
4 I was terrified and couldn't eat properly because I thought the meat on sale was human flesh.
5 the human ear, it may not sound like anything.
6 Scientists also have tried to grow human organs in animals that could one day be transplanted back into humans _ like a mouse onto whose back scientists grew a human ear.
7 In the future, robots will supersede human beings for very heavy work.
8 Some of the book's most touching moments center not on Marx's relations with his wife and daughters but on his friendships; it is here, perhaps, that he managed to be most fully human.
9 what makes the joke bite and also what reminds us that the massive disaster was human.
10 Of course, this dilemma arises in many human endeavors, from building design, to rocket science, to patent law.
11 These methods have proven to be well matched with human expressive patterns, but they do not lend themselves to the process of computerization.
12 Atheist though he was, he saw the Narmada as a goddess whose beauty should be decorated only with micro-dams on a human scale.
13 they looked for similar kinds of signals in human tears.
14 In this region, drought, crop failure, livestock deaths, and human starvation ravage the Horn of Africa in the worst food security crisis experienced in decades.
15 But many still require human intervention: workers have to be sent out to download sensor readings or to fix problems.
16 ramparts of the mainland and islands unsoiled by human footprints drift past, an endless drama wrought in ice and snow.
17 So, this central idea of food is the fundamental in all human existence.
18 there is one lesson everybody should take away from the credit crunch it is that central bankers, no less than dentists, are only human.
19 situation of soil and water loss and its natural and human causes of formation in Hongta district of Yuxi city are analyzed.
20 Chuxiong news combined with Chuxiong state human resources and Social Security Bureau of Chuxiong urban and rural residents basic medical insurance Interim Measures authoritative interpretation.
21 That said, one thing is clear: We live in the Anthropocene—an era when everything from the atmosphere to the layers of rock laid down for the future are dominated by human activities.
22 common ancestor is, however, too recent for the new species to be a remnant of the first human excursion from Africa, the one that led to Java man and Peking man, now known as Homo erectus.
23 Life there was chaotic, with few rules, and no one in Nim's human family really knew sign language.
24 in the distance, sure enough, was another human being. Nansen approached the figure, and soon the two men enjoyed a remarkable Stanley-Livingstone moment.
25 This message implies what human aspects and methods, practices and tools should be emphasized in adoption processes of agile software development.
26 As we described before, each human task consists of an input and an output message, which the HTML form must also reflect.
27 Much of REST has been described with using the human Web as an example. By "human Web", I mean browsers and the humans using these browsers.
28 He urged all members of society to ensure the right to food, the non-fulfillment of which is a violation of human dignity.
29 is not stated, however, is whether these isoflavones are contained in a form in soy that is usable by the human body.
30 Scientists set up several experiments allowing the monkeys to "steal" food from human testers, each of whom dressed in a different color T-shirt and baseball cap — either red, green or blue.