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No. sentence
1 these houses, there are kangs built of stone or brick.
2 under the sign of Venus, the goddess of beauty, Libra women are lovers of anything beautiful like luxurious houses, places, things and upscale living.
3 So between the local and Federal Reserve clearing houses, checks drawn on any bank in the country can be easily processed.
4 But it also means that the supply of houses is lagging behind population growth, which will eventually prompt a housing revival.
5 Then I could have one of those little white houses in some New England town, and there would be a sun porch and a salary; and when I got to school there would be these happy faces longing to see me!
6 11 miles from Dali is the remarkable village of Xizhou, with old courtyard-style houses recalling the Dali I remembered.
7 In Fanch 'eng I learned the truth of the old adage, "Poverty is a state of mind." While visiting a commune, we were taken to see the peasants' houses.
8 Fire destroyed several houses in the area.
9 The opposition voted against the package in both houses, but agreed neither to amend nor obstruct it.
10 In the fields they look like red and white towers and in the city they are hidden on the roofs of houses.
11 All the houses, fences, and barren trees had new shapes.
12 So each night he took a sack of grain from his bin and crept across the field between their houses, dumping it into his brother's bin.
13 For a moment I saw my home through her eyes: feces, rats, starvation, houses so close together that no one can breathe.
14 Several houses were pulled down to make way for the new road.
15 Some owners are duplexing their old houses for extra income.
16 The builders have plotted out the area ready for the houses.
17 But inside these modern houses local complain of emptiness: no job, no future direction.
18 She was extremely dehydrated and had a broken leg, but the 17-year-old survivor was otherwise healthy as French rescue workers pulled her out of a house's rubble near St. Gerard University.
19 Houses smouldered and burned-out cars littered the streets.
20 He was in one of those streets and one of those houses.
21 The Windows in the first one, in which Hanna had run her fingers along the books, looked out onto the streets and houses.
22 Acrid fumes of still-burning thatch - hours earlier the rooftops of orderly houses - assaulted my eyes and nose as I stepped out onto a bed of ashes in a smoldering rice field.
23 The refugees traveling to Tuzla saw civilian corpses along the road; they passed blackened houses still smoldering after the Serbs had set them on fire, in some instances while people hid inside them.
24 The houses have been dug out by hand, and the dirt piled in mounds on the roadway.
25 The Windows of larger buildings were smashed and the tile roofs of houses had crumbled to the ground, while old concrete-block walls were reduced to rubble.
26 They have developed resistance to commercial insecticides, developing skills such as crawling on the walls of your houses and apartments.
27 Private houses abutted the city wall, an arrangement not seen in Philistine society.
28 Originally the Catesby rented a house near to the Palace of Westminster and the group began to dig a tunnel out under the Houses of Parliament.
29 We sometimes stayed in houses with nobody inside and broken windows. The memory is not clear to me.
30 I found myself in a large room, where people were sitting at lunch or supper around small tables, as is the custom, I am told, at parties in the houses of our nobility and gentry.