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No. sentence
1 The lawyers took two hours to interrogate the witness.
2 You have to file away for hours to get this metal smooth.
3 Storage will be charged on each piece of baggage remaining at stations over 24 hours.
4 We sit for long hours in front of a computer, glued to our chairs or stuck to our phones.
5 After hours of discussion, the committee let through his report.
6 The company compensated him for the extra hours he worked.
7 This clock can only ring the hours.
8 They had been dueling for hours and finally called a draw.
9 Just hours after her family agreed to have her life support switched off, they changed their minds and asked doctors if they could harvest her eggs for posthumous reproduction.
10 She doesnt need holidays, food or rest and she will work almost 24-hours a day. She is very patient and never complains She is the perfect woman.
11 Self Tan” lotions contain the chemicals that cause skin to darken. The idea is that you rub these chemicals all over your body and, after a few hours, you look like you just stepped off the beach.
12 Chris is also a fitness Training Marketingexpert and helps fitness trainers all over the globe to triple their income while cutting their work hours in half.
13 will only be available for a few more hours, then Chris will be shutting down signups again until the next round.
14 You have to accustom yourself gradually to the different hours of work that your new post entails.
15 In the early hours of the morning, jubilant crowds in Benghazi celebrated the passing of Colonel Gaddafi's rule with volleys of automatic fire.
16 You then add the effort hours and the beginning and ending dates for each activity.
17 During those years he spent long hours in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.
18 Labour grumbles about the "Tory press" are matched by Tories whining about left-wing bias in television, on which Britons lavish far more time (on average, nearly four hours a day).
19 Two hours later, thinking back to the competition, she decided to try her luck and fished the wrapper out of the bin, only to find a code marked inside.
20 Two hours ago, they healed over and went out for dinner together.
21 Our headmaster rattled on for at least two hours at the opening ceremony.
22 The movie ran for two hours.
23 categories described above can be associated to numerical counts (hours, occurrences) with dollar values assigned to each count.
24 It may have been manufactured hours or days ago in your lungs.
25 Some stations broadcast 24 hours of the day.
26 an hour's drive from Tengchong, a city of several hundred thousand -- relatively small by Chinese standards -- in western Yunnan.
27 But as I have written, most people need seven to nine hours of sleep.
28 Waiting 24 hours allowed the Sun to rise just north of east and arc back to an exactly eastern alignment for the photo.
29 We need an experienced player who can fiddle away for hours for the country dancing.
30 In fact, those thousands of hours of forced work at math, done for a grade and not for fun or for any practical use, are what make math seem so difficult and intimidating.