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1 An active underwater volcano near Guam has become a hotspot for a booming population of ocean critters, despite continuous eruptions at the site.
2 The four new species all come from the rainforest in south-eastern Brazil, which is the most heavily degraded biodiversity hotspot on the planet.
3 Both sides also exchanged views on international and regional hotspot issues of common concern.
4 When a suspected outbreak is reported, CMC can dispatch its experts to any hot-spot in the world in under 48 hours.
5 Reports from clinics suggest that Iceland is a hotspot for fish allergy and Switzerland has a higher rate of celeriac allergy than elsewhere.
6 But if the uncommon traps turn out to be commonly executed, then they become hotspot paths that trigger recompilation.
7 This view highlights callers and descendants that contribute to a performance or memory hotspot — information that can help detect the exact cause of a performance or memory bottleneck.
8 Both sides also exchanged views on African hotspot issues and global issues.
9 New uncertainties have emerged in regional hotspot issues, impacting the evolution of the international security situation.
10 Similarly, the Informational Hotspots embedded in the amazing images on Bing's Home page allow you to instantly discover interesting facts simply by hovering over the hotspot (Figure a).
11 Iceland is the result of a "hotspot" in which material rises from deep within the Earth, pushing part of this ridge up into the air.
12 Mr Harrison: "Language hotspot" is a term I coined in 2006, inspired by the biodiversity hotspots model.
13 The same story applies to people from Japan's longevity hotspot, Okinawa, where around half of the local supercentenarians had a history of smoking and one-third were regular alcohol drinkers.
14 Both countries should and can conduct closer coordination and cooperation either in coping with the global financial crisis or in handling various regional hotspot issues and global challenges.
15 the only table may be the hotspot unless it is partitioned, OLTP Systems typically don't work well with it.
16 together to fight against the financial crisis and climate change. We are both committed to the political resolution of international and regional hotspot issues.
17 However, old disputes are far from eradication, regional turbulences happen occasionally and hotspot issues fall and rise.
18 But, like perhaps any event of this scale, the six-month Expo has also been a hotspot for scams and scandal — despite a massive effort by Chinese police and officials to ensure it proceeds smoothly.
19 We actively advanced bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, and played a constructive role in global and regional hotspot issues.
20 We will continue to take the fundamental interests of the people of China and the world as our starting point and make new contributions to the proper resolution of hotspot issues and global problems.
21 International disputes and hotspot issues should be settled by peaceful means. The international community should strongly oppose the willful use or threat of force.
22 smooth operation of our politica! l consultation mechanisms at all levels also ensures our effective exchange and coordination on international and regional hotspot issues.
23 International and regional hotspot issues have kept emerging, challenging our ability to uphold global peace and stability.
24 The international and regional hotspot issues keep emerging. The uneven development between North and South becomes more prominent.
25 But they attack only one settlement at a time, so you can keep your mobile Vikings moving from hotspot to hotspot.
26 He is not a drawling toff. His is a brisk, self-confident form of poshness: think of a young officer in one of the smarter regiments, getting on with the job in some global hotspot.
27 Though today's workplace offers more opportunity for extramarital relationships, it is not opportunity that is causing the workplace to become such a hotspot of infidelity.
28 Chile is on a hotspot of sorts for earthquake activity.
29 Another hotspot in real estate finance is the real estate investment trust (REIT).
30 China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a member of the international community, will continue to make every effort for the peaceful resolution of hotspot issues.