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1 But its regulations were recently found wanting by the Delhi High Court, which then banned bags in markets and shops, as well as hotels, hospitals and malls.
2 In this process, the SP may contact multiple web services offered by airline companies, hotels and other companies, but the original requester is never made aware of these processes in detail.
3 travellers wanted to bed in the best hotels.
4 Unlike its clubs and bars, Kunming's hotels do not cluster in a small area downtown: there are too many of them.
5 Indeed, among the shares hardest hit this summer were those that unscrupulous brokers had touted as sure-fire winners from the games: restaurants selling Peking duck, hotels, and the like.
6 Countries including Britain, France and the US have urged their citizens to avoid trips to Thailand, and advised those already in Bangkok to stay in their hotels and away from protests.
7 In terms of guest satisfaction, however, hotels have known little about how they fare against competitors.
8 We quickly found the huge pile of rubble where two hotels once stood, and set up for live television shots.
9 You’ll cruise through gorgeous countryside on a Honda Goldwing 1800 by day, and stay in luxury hotels and tuck into fine Provençal cuisine by night.
10 response of the authorities has been to beef up security, with armed guards in public areas and doorway metal detectors in stations and hotels.
11 will also be two hotels, a lake and a shopping district, bringing the total size of the first phase to about 963 acres.
12 you have anything in your contractual agreements with hotels and other travel companies that would prevent them from doing this?
13 He insisted that when foreign dignitaries visited the Berghof she stay in her room upstairs, and even when the couple visited Rome in 1938 they stayed in different hotels.
14 But if you want to see real Arabia, as opposed to a mass of shopping malls and luxury hotels, there is a far better option: Oman.
15 Other Libyan luxury hotels stand tall in the capitals of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.
16 The hotels are only a 10 minute walk from the centre of town, and the lakeside path makes for great photography, a long jog or a nice stroll into town.
17 The hot spring resort which is surrounded by Lingnan scenery has three luxurious hotels. The water of the hot spring is sodium chloride water which is rich in minerals.
18 I HEARD queer tales in the hotel. There were tales of dope fiends, of old debauchees who frequented hotels in search of pretty page boys, of thefts and blackmail.
19 They clambered over the remnants of schools, hotels and mud-brick homes looking for signs that some of the hundreds of people still missing might be alive.
20 This involves getting your wines in the noses of sommeliers who work Beijing and Shanghai hotels and restaurants.
21 He quickly leafed through the phone book to find the Numbers of a few hotels.
22 In that case, people in other parts of Japan refused to buy products from that region, and travelers were turned away from hotels and asked not to use public baths and swimming pools.
23 We can’t help but be awed as our carriage pulls up to the hotel’s red-carpeted entrance.
24 few super-high-end luxury hotels in places like Dubai and the Maldives offer "underwater" accommodation and dining, replete with stunning views of marine life.
25 He stayed in private homes, first to save money on hotels, then because he liked it and his hosts seemed to as well.
26 But ITC has become the kind of conglomerate that Western textbooks advise against, spanning everything from stationery, cigarettes and spice-grinding to noodles and hotels.
27 It added that it would create special tour packages, hotels, car rentals, cruises, airline bookings as well as country-combined Asia package tours for the global market later on.
28 Many airlines and hotels will offer you a lower rate if the price for your trip falls after you've booked it.
29 New EV charging infrastructure will need to be built in the home, at work, at coffee shops, near shopping malls, hotels and all around town — anywhere consumers drive and park their vehicles.
30 At the five-star hotels nearby, I asked concierges about quiet bars where I might meet people; they directed me to places I'd already rejected.