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No. sentence
1 It is the center of Miao culture, hosting more than 120 festivals every year.
2 If you want to start an international collaboration for a new software product, you can easily do it by starting a project on one of the many project hosting Websites and advertise for collaborators.
3 It also provides Cloud hosting, so deployment is instant.
4 This debate over priorities continues, but for now optimists are talking about the short-term gains and long-term promise the hosting of the games allowed.
5 I also want to thank the University of Mississippi for hosting us tonight.
6 If you are hosting an open house in the next weekend or two why not hand them out as your guests leave?
7 The past decade has seen the blossoming of countless literary Web sites and online forums hosting stories from thousands of aspiring authors.
8 Since we were hosting the platform ourselves, we needed to have a mechanism that allowed all these customizations.
9 However, the hosting and security of these environments can vary.
10 They have more flexible contracts and shorter agreements which allow them to move across to colocation and other hosting sites much more easily than the top end of town.
11 March 2004 a total of four cities hosting the Asian Games: Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul (Seoul), Amman; but the other three bidding cities have decided to quit competing.
12 So you need to maintain physical security of the system hosting the software and any backups to that system.
13 The companies chastised on Monday appeared to be those particularly active in offering search engines or hosting blogs and chat forums.
14 system, which tolerates corruption and violence, has just received the endorsement of FIFA, which has awarded Russia the prize of hosting the 2018 football World Cup.
15 People still showed their patriotism in the border city - Mexico's most violent - by hanging Mexican flags from their roofs and hosting family dinners.
16 Thus the efficiency of site crawls provides relief to both sides: the hosting Web server and the crawler as well, by keeping the number of GET requests for pages at a minimum.
17 I have seen extremely good websites ruined by a crappy hosting, a poorly optimized WordPress theme or annoying ads.
18 This topology yields the most flexibility to the subscriber through the variety of options available by selecting the actual hardware used in the hosting environment.
19 When James was hosting parties in Vegas, Durant was practicing with Team USA in the afternoons and his own trainers in the evening.
20 Live application Mobility is the capability to relocate a WPAR from one hosting system to another without having to restart any applications or processes running in the WPAR.
21 In one classroom at Aiton Elementary School, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia is hosting a fashion show.
22 The visa was designed both to facilitate travel between the nine countries hosting cricket's World Cup, and to keep a check on any potential terrorists seeking to disrupt the event.
23 Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha are hosting an exemplary party in Downing Street, having applied to close their already inaccessible road.
24 In fact, after just three hours the short-sleeved docs were already hosting half of the bacteria as the docs wearing unwashed coats.
25 We began the year in foreign policy with Warren Christopher hosting talks between the Israelis and Syrians at Wye River Plantation in Maryland.
26 it walled off from its neighbours, now hosting millions of sullen exiles.
27 thank Vice President Chen of this great university for being present here and hosting my visit.
28 The SDO programming model supports retrieval of persistent data and alteration of this data while disconnected from the hosting data source.
29 See if your hosting company offers “Sticky” forwarding when moving to a new domain.
30 four days, Mechanical Turk was hosting the images and more than 10,000 volunteers were sifting through them-though to no avail, as Mr Gray was never found.