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1 Eng Prod owns any number of horizontal and vertical engineering disciplines, Test is the biggest. In a nutshell, eng Prod is made of.
2 The vertical line meets the horizontal one here.
3 I'd like to discuss with you this horizontal portion.
4 This horizontal isolation of the application provides the capability of the application to continue processing requests regardless of the running status of any one particular server.
5 For the effect, you need to specify a size, with the horizontal size first, and then the vertical size.
6 While clustering is beyond the scope of this article, it is important to distinguish between vertical and horizontal clusters.
7 When all the header information for calendar entries cannot be displayed completely for a day in a calendar view, the day displays a horizontal scroll bar.
8 vertical axis shows us our projected Return on Investment. The horizontal axis shows our scorecard rating, from low to high.
9 Vertical or horizontal?
10 Such differences include what the token is attached to (thread, subject), in which direction it is propagated (downstream, horizontal), and what it is used for (authentication).
11 What we do not have are adequate mechanisms of horizontal accountability among states.
12 This works about as expected: Adjusting the vertical slider changes the range of the horizontal slider.
13 Is it horizontal layout? Or a vertical layout?
14 This is where horizontal partitioning comes into play.
15 All lines were straightened, so that the map consists entirely of horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.
16 biggest drawback to top horizontal navigation is that it limits the number of links you can include without resorting to sub-navigation.
17 The answer is "horizontal" and "vertical" governance approach.
18 We built another data model to provide content for horizontal and vertical menu buttons that control the content of the headers and the table.
19 When you include an appropriate spacer in your horizontal or vertical layouts, your widgets will be grouped together with a section of expansive space where the spring is located.
20 Horizontal clustering: Running multiple nodes or instances of an application server on different hosts.
21 The most critical value of this split between horizontal and vertical governance is that it creates a barrier to force the governance participants away from traditional "stove pipe" thinking.
22 Allow text to wrap at the page border to prevent the need for horizontal scrolling.
23 You can declare multiple layouts for a container, so as to combine both vertical and horizontal spacing.
24 Breadcrumb trails are usually displayed in the top half of the page, below the primary navigation menu if a horizontal menu layout is used.
25 This arrangement is not as accommodating as wide horizontal folders with respect to components of varying size.
26 That is why kittens raised so that they see only vertical lines have brains that look different from those raised in an environment with purely horizontal ones.
27 horizontal axis represents time and shows the lifecycle aspects of the process.
28 In the horizontal cloning environment, the clones are on different physical machines.
29 I already had the TV timing circuits minimized and just had to use the horizontal and vertical counters to drive some memory with the characters stored.
30 We created a horizontal row of tabs in this example, but Sliding Doors could be used in a many other situations.