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1 The rosier view of Liverpool’s future depends in part on the city’s uneasy relationship with the region’s biggest developer, Peel Holdings.
2 His property holdings will be disposed of in his will.
3 Over time their holdings of securities will probably be wound down.
4 Even if Spain descends into crisis, I think the damage would be limited to specific European banks with big holdings of sovereign debt from crisis countries.
5 That has fueled a rise in what private bankers call 'liquidity events,' where a company owner or executive can cash in his holdings to become a millionaire or billionaire.
6 Global diversification thus provides an automatic buffer against a dollar drop, unless the fund managers have hedged the holdings back into U.S. currency.
7 Among the accused were Giuliano Tavaroli, a former security chief at TI, and his counterpart at Pirelli, a tyre company that controls TI through a network of holdings.
8 fund with 100 holdings might have over half of its assets concentrated in five or six stocks.
9 would happen if they took their dollar holdings, equal to around 10% of US GDP, and switched them into other currencies?
10 In the meantime, if you're tempted to pore over your stock holdings every minute, do yourself a favor — don't.
11 Existing investors in American debt, such as China, have no incentive to drive down its value with a fire sale of their holdings.
12 Here I am using my estimate of official holdings of Treasuries.
13 Since the funds were for emergencies, they were of a type that could be liquidated easily-initially the holdings were in precious metals, lately they have been in dollars.
14 The Southwest is used as an example and one could also think of land holdings in the south to accomplish the same mission.
15 The US has attracted by far the most foreign bank holdings throughout the entire data series, and the intensity of these links has increased (in nominal terms) over time.
16 He is now the chairman of Rogers Holdings.
17 in nobody's interests, least of all China's given its massive holdings of US Treasuries, to roil the waters in that way.
18 That would be enough to restore it to profitability if there were no further write-downs on its holdings of Greek government bonds.
19 Many equity investors sold all their holdings out of fear and missed the bull market of 2009.
20 with large holdings in the currencies of other countries are establishing ever larger risk-taking funds meant to maximize their return on investment—and their political influence.
21 The euro has slumped 【in part】 because the Greek crisis makes it look a poor choice for reserve managers hoping to diversify their big dollar holdings.
22 Thus, the more the dollar is debased, the more capital gains taxes must be paid on holdings of gold and other precious metals.
23 If fund holdings increase in price but are not sold by the fund manager, the fund's shares increase in price.
24 Also on the stand was Geely's version of the London black cab, the product of a joint venture with Manganese Bronze Holdings, the British company that owns London Taxi International.
25 But the French state still has extensive holdings in industrial companies, ranging from carmaker Renault to France Telecom and Air France.
26 may seize the chance to add to its holdings of vines if growers go bankrupt, or it could buy up struggling small champagne houses.
27 The Stoxx 600 last week capped its longest stretch of weekly gains since April and wiped out losses since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. in September 2008.
28 Each would essentially require Banks to show how their holdings would be treated under the other method, though only their own would affect income.
29 Its cropping season does not clash with other crops, and it requires only two rounds of irrigation, which farmers in small land holdings with little access to water can manage.
30 Yang Huiyan - also Asia's richest woman - is based on shares in Country Garden Holdings Ltd, a real estate developer founded by her father, Forbes said.