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No. sentence
1 But very soon the water was churned by an AD hoc flotilla of boats and ferries flying the flags of almost every city, state and federal agency that works the waters around New York city.
2 For example, the first stage could be AD hoc decentralized tracking of project assignments by person, while the last stage could be individual feedback on task status.
3 The additional mental processing I must do to function every day is fatiguing, and I don't handle "AD hoc" very well.
4 Although I advise that you refrain from decoding XML documents with AD hoc routines, I have no qualms about writing.
5 Today marks the launching of the workplace English and Putonghua training programme, organized by the Ad Hoc Quality Taxi Services Steering Committee, for in-service taxi drivers like yourselves.
6 Some organizational factors can be accounted for on an ad hoc basis -- as they should be, since their impact can exceed the contribution of more readily quantified factors like technological risks.
7 QA team can become much more effective and efficient by replacing an AD hoc testing approach with formal, repeatable processes that include test planning, defect cause analysis, and automated tests.
8 've seen, operator AD hoc polymorphism, or operator overloading to the rest of us, can be quite powerful if carefully employed and documented.
9 Members of an ad hoc student committee wore black T-shirts with a quotation from Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
10 Our test activities are AD hoc and haphazard.
11 Current prevention, treatment and care efforts are too episodic, AD hoc, and lack the intensity, pace and rhythm needed to make an impact," said Kim.
12 If a renewed eruption threatened to continue for days or even weeks, the AD hoc efforts to get people home could develop into more permanent solutions for those making essential trips.
13 the other hand, a nonstandard, AD hoc, or incoherent set of annotations could result in incomprehensible code.
14 Code sharing was AD hoc, decentralized, and just plain too much work.
15 AD hoc distribution schemes for this information (for example, spreadsheets) may suffice for managing a handful of services used by a small community.
16 Unlike the UN’s ad hoc tribunals, the court is a permanent body outside the UN and its jurisdiction is not bound by time or geography.
17 All my old AD hoc parsers were imperative in flavor: read some characters, make some decisions, accumulate some variables, rinse, repeat.
18 Women write ongoing paratactic, impressionist, digressive, — AD hoc sentences: sentences without ego — being without structure more or less corresponding to being without ego.
19 This AD hoc meeting has been continued for three hours. with no thought of adjournment.
20 With OLAP services, users can easily navigate the pre-defined reports and explore the business data to build new ad hoc business reports with little assistance needed from IT professionals.
21 GIS manipulates data about these points, lines, and areas to retrieve data for AD hoc queries and analysis.
22 For ad hoc one-liners in scripts, use ed noninteractively by piping a group of commands and text to it with echo
23 CLASP's comprehensive documentation of activities can give organizations a robust framework to address issues that they previously addressed in an AD hoc manner, if at all.
24 The submission process itself can be ad hoc, perhaps involving a variety of mechanisms, including paper or electronic forms, voice-activated systems, or FAXes.
25 Still, cleanup efforts seemed decidedly AD hoc and the incident raises questions about China's ability to deal with a bigger spill.
26 then the living idols of the German soccer team were AD hoc scanned stereoscopically to reproduce them as 10 centimeter large, marketable plastic miniatures in China.
27 Chimpanzees gather to hunt colobus monkeys, but Dr. Tomasello argues this is far less of a cooperative endeavor because the participants act on an AD hoc basis and do not really share their catch..
28 This list of tags — generated on an AD hoc basis during the actual document parsing — was used as an index for single-byte tag placeholders used in a structure schematic.
29 The laboratory has already helped evaluate Harris AN/PRC-117G wideband tactical radios running the latest version of the Advanced Ad Hoc Networking Wideband Waveform for use in the current NIE.
30 In this data integration level, the organization starts from propriety and AD hoc integration, rendering the architecture brittle in the face of change.