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1 Historically, outbreaks have tended to reach the attention of health authorities only after transmission has been amplified by inadequate infection control in health care Settings.
2 As the bulldozers moved in on Star Ferry Pier, students, activists, and politicians staged multiple protests to preserve a historically and culturally significant structure.
3 Historically, it has not been pleasure or wit or beauty that has been associated with the experience of reading Milton.
4 Historically women chose manly men because features such as a square jaw, low brow and thin lips were linked to superior genes which would produce stronger and healthier offspring.
5 And so the 8.8-magnitude temblor that shook the capital region overnight was not a surprise, historically speaking.
6 It sums it all up: introduction, who I am, and why we are historically connected.
7 Our vessels can transport a wider array of cargo, access a larger number of ports due to their shallow draft and onboard crane equipment, and have historically achieved greater charter rate stability.
8 of the dollar, the price of gold and, most important, commodity prices have historically been early signals of inflationary pressures.
9 Historically, many scientists and inventors have taken full advantage of daydreaming. Many scientists and inventors in history took full use of daydreaming.
10 Historically and realistically, the opinions and performances of artists and other intellects are always beyond the prospect and comprehension of common people.
11 I believe it’s largely aid. You get the corruption — historically, leaders have stolen the money without penalty — and you get the dependency, which kills entrepreneurship.
12 Query parameters have historically given us this capability in some respects, but in this pull-based view, we can respond to whatever is passed in, not just what we tell them they can pass in.
13 Milla's chalked-off - and expertly taken - goal turned out to have historically urgent resonance.
14 Historically, many words of Chinese origin in English are popular Cantonese foods, borrowed directly from the dialect, for instance, chop suey, chow mein, or dim sum.
15 of the twinned cities that straddle America’s southern border with Mexico are as historically close as Laredo, in Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, in Mexico.
16 NONE of the twinned cities that straddle America’s southern border with Mexico are as historically close as Laredo, in Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, in Mexico.
17 Copyright and trade secrets have historically been the primary protection mechanisms for software intellectual property, and they are still the best solutions.
18 these markets need "great leaps downward" - simplifying and cost-reducing technologies that promise to open up historically locked markets.
19 Historically, Many plays referred to a poor young man who always had a dream to be in the money, and then, the dream came true and he tried his best to dangle after a beautiful woman.
20 Historically, the Eastern tradition has found the serenity that comes of inner calm.
21 Historically, operators have had limited control over which network customers would roam on to when abroad.
22 These doctrines have not simply been refuted or replaced or historically superceded; they remain in many ways constitutive of our most basis outlooks and attitudes.
23 Located on "the Silk Road," Ningxia was historically the important passage of transportation and trade between the East and the West.
24 Threats to the two biggest countries historically came from their Central Asian hinterlands.
25 Reformed theology has historically been the branch of evangelicalism most strongly committed to the sovereignty of God.
26 They live in surroundings which, historically, have favoured innovation, have proved resilient in the face of shocks and between which it is comparatively simple to move when things get too bad.
27 Its scale has hurt one bullish argument for shares: that they are historically cheap.
28 And although the idea that "less is more" has many adherents in architecture, design and fashion, the technology industry has historically espoused the opposite view.
29 This is a tragedy. This also underscores the remaining importance of our historically black colleges and universities.
30 The analyst who made this call noted that steel inventories are sitting at historically low levels domestically.