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historical linguists in a sentence

1. Moreover, historical linguists often attribute Cape Verdean Creole as the oldest "New World" contact language.

2. Recently, historical linguists have started to study earlier Canadian English with historical linguistic data.

3. it is rejected by most specialists of indigenous languages of the Americas and also by most historical linguists.

4. The validity of the rest of the family, however, is viewed as doubtful or rejected by nearly all historical linguists.

5. and historical linguists have studied the development of languages across time.

6. The proper names Mímir and Mim present difficulties for historical linguists.

7. However, historical linguists have never found a derivation with which they all agree.

8. The languages of Tasmania are extinct and so poorly attested that many historical linguists regard them as unclassifiable.

9. This claim has not been accepted by historical linguists.

10. Consequently, it is invaluable to philologists and historical linguists in tracing the development of the language.

11. Other historical linguists classify Elymian as related to the Italic languages on the basis of other possible features.

12. While well-known, the Gulf grouping is now generally rejected by historical linguists.

13. For historical linguists, the documentation of its use provides clues about the changes in these languages.

14. The validity of the rest of the family, however, is viewed as doubtful or rejected by nearly all historical linguists.

15. However, this superfamily proposal is rejected by the vast majority of historical linguists.

16. He was one of the most influential historical linguists of the late nineteenth century.

17. For most historical linguists there is no separate field of paleolinguistics.

18. Historical linguists have tentatively reconstructed yí 夷's ancient pronunciations and etymology.

19. This hypothesis is now generally rejected by historical linguists;

20. Factors like these led some historical linguists to suggest a genetic relationship between the two languages.

21. The hypothesis has been largely rejected by historical linguists.

22. Dene-Caucasian is not supported by most historical linguists and is generally regarded as a fringe theory.

23. In 1986, Fleming met the young members of the "Moscow Circle" of historical linguists.

24. it has recently gained more popularity among historical linguists, due to the shortcomings of the Tree model.

25. As of 2006, this law has not been generally accepted by historical linguists.

26. Human population geneticists and historical linguists are also providing valuable insight for these questions.

27. Both use lexicostatistical methods which have been widely criticized (and discarded) by historical linguists for decades.

28. Modern historical linguists believe Yamatai was actually pronounced Yamato.

29. In this way, the Syntax sets an example, even today, for philologists and historical linguists.

30. In some cases, languages are completely unattested and only inferred by modern historical linguists.