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1 Historical records say that it reached Italy via sailors coming from the Caspian Sea, but how it got to the Caspian we do not know.
2 historical record of eruptions at the volcano extends back to 1570, but the most damaging eruption in recent times took place in 1985.
3 Gordell Wright, one of the tribe’s three elected trustees, observes most New Yorkers think of Indians in historical terms; but “we are here and our problems are contemporary, ” he says.
4 This distance was based on the historical fact that it was that far from Winsor Castle to the royal viewing box during the 1908 Olympics in England.
5 Better History declares that 'it is by the acquisition and use of historical knowledge that historians are primarily judged' - but in reality that only makes a Mastermind contestant.
6 An honorable historian studied historical events and people.
7 are extremely rich historical culture resources in Honghe area.
8 Such a repetition distorts the historical continuity of Christianity with its past by obfuscating its uniquely new insight which breached that past.
9 Outraged citizens complain to the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, where the bell is housed.
10 Since the 14th century, celebrations in these countries have often included huge effigies (up to 3 yards tall) of historical, biblical, and sometimes contemporary figures. And dragons.
11 If you use a more aggregated level to enter historical rates the matching against journals will go wrong and converted values will be miscalculated.
12 writer made this historical character live in his book.
13 India suffered its worst monsoon since 1972 this summer, with the rains falling 23% below their historical average.
14 Unfortunately, though, in one important way the historical facts do not accord with the romantic image of ragged scribes in a lonely struggle to preserve Christian culture from the forces of darkness.
15 The stately Historical Museum, which faces st. Basil's across Red Square, exhibits the glories of Russia's past.
16 Whether it is the potato famine, some Irish story, or some other historical event centered on potatoes, one thing you may not have heard of is that potatoes are toxic.
17 North part of Russia possesses an inexpressible beauty of nature and fascinating historical monuments.
18 his view, and that of other Turkish citizens who work for historical justice, pressure from Congress could make the truth more elusive by stiffening the backs of nationalists.
19 The next one, I think I'm up to six, in spite of the fact of talking about authorship of all these documents, part of modern historical criticism questions the authenticity of authorship all the time.
20 This historical novel illustrates the breaking up of feudal society in microcosm.
21 I hope my poem is about loss, not nostalgia, that the tenor singing an Italian aria, like the ruined pilasters of the theater, suggests an historical dimension of loss.
22 striking similarities between the cave finds and historical examples of drinking cups made out of skulls further support a ritual role for the Ice Age receptacles, Bello says.
23 The roots of great innovation are never just in the technology itself. They are always in the wider historical context.
24 They are important historical figures, as well as two of the best preserved mummies from ancient Egypt, so it would indeed be tragic if this is true, ” Maitland writes in her blog.
25 He leant his forehead on his hand, and people, looking in through the open door, — for this scene is supposed to take place on a summer's evening — But how dull this is, this historical fiction!
26 and not something else—is used as money is merely a historical fact and as such cannot be conceived by catallactics.
27 His body is gone but the family hopes that he is still with those he loves, whether they are religious or historical figures, personal friends or fictional characters.
28 historical tide is surging forward with great momentum.
29 Historical analogies go only so far, but the general principles of Shultz's dual-track diplomacy still apply today.
30 But of all the possible historical analogies for the dilemma facing the United States, the most useful one may be the case of Bosnia from 1993 to 1995.