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his young son in a sentence

1. He left his young son with his sisters and fled with Yahya.

2. He reigned jointly with his young son Diadumenianus.

3. He was succeeded by his young son Boniface.

4. He loves spending time with his young son Max;

5. His young son died the following year in 1589.

6. Chan started training his young son Wing Chun in 1892.

7. Bernie is met by his young son and they leave together.

8. He was succeeded by his young son Nasr II.

9. he was succeeded by his young son, Mahmud Pasha.

10. Yusuf chose his young son Prince Muhammad as the heir.

11. He even calls his young son Finn to come and see.

12. He was followed by his young son, Tridu Songtsen.

13. Domhnall and his young son were subsequently imprisoned.

14. He recruits his young son as his partner on the case.

15. That is all he wanted to tell his young son at the time.

16. Jack left behind his young son Terry and wife Louise.

17. Chen Dawei enjoys time with his young son;

18. His young son Takanori drown while swimming with him.

19. He lives in a small house with his young son, Lucky.

20. His young son George was granted the adjoining 100 acres.

21. He died in 1591, leaving his young son Thomas to inherit.

22. He was replaced by his young son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

23. It is an homage to his young son Lumi, who died of cancer.

24. He meets his young son Hermann for the first time.

25. The Bromley estates then passed to his young son, Thomas.

26. His young son Lonnie wants a dog of his own.

27. Lindroos and his young son are buried in Pohja.

28. She continued her life with his young son Aydın Menderes.

29. At that time, his young son Ji Chenmu acted in some films.

30. Loghain may encounter his young son in Inquisition.