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his years in a sentence

1. brilliant beyond his years;

2. He lived there the rest of his years.

3. During his years at Helm &

4. The team went 78-6 during his years.

5. His years with Impulse!

6. He never seemed as old as his years.

7. from his years at Bucknell University.

8. During his years at Lac Ste.

9. He apparently lived out his years abroad.

10. During his years with Francis Thompson, Inc.

11. Alabama was 31-5 during his years as a player.

12. Most of his years he spent in Ano Volos.

13. He spent the rest of his years at Warner Bros.

14. nuanced, understated, wise beyond his years."

15. His years of birth and death are not known.

16. His years of reign are unclear.

17. His years of reign are unclear.

18. He lived out his years at Pegu.

19. However, his years of service are unknown.

20. In the Summer of His Years may refer to:

21. However, most of his years remain mysterious.

22. his years-long recovery;

23. He scored 5 goals in his years with Motagua.

24. His years in The Hindustan were fruitful.

25. His years of birth and death are unknown.

26. His years of fundraising was a great success.

27. His years of service are uncertain.

28. His years of study went very well.

29. He looks young for his years.

30. He slumbered away his years in college.