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his wound in a sentence

1. His wound broke and he died shortly.

2. Hancock survived his wound.

3. He succumbed to his wound October 31, 1861.

4. Joss dies of his wound as well.

5. Julian died from his wound at midnight.

6. His wound refused to heal.

7. he recovers from his wound.

8. He accepted that his wound was an accident.

9. Dadi required 15 stitches for his wound.

10. He died from his wound a few days later.

11. And we don't. So time has healed his wound.

12. But his wound became worse.

13. After recovering from his wound, Col.

14. He would die of his wound;

15. He died from his wound on 3 September 1942.

16. The bullet is no longer in his wound.

17. His wound required 33 stitches.

18. Donop died of his wound a week later.

19. He died of his wound almost immediately.

20. Potter died of his wound five months later.

21. Christian succumbs to his wound and dies.

22. He dies from his wound.

23. While stitching his wound, Five kisses her.

24. Rebecca assists him in healing his wound.

25. He then succumbs to his wound.

26. One day later he died because of his wound.

27. Despite his wound, he saved his crew.

28. Blood started out of his wound.

29. Blood gushed from his wound.

30. The nurse carefully bandaged his wound.