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his wig in a sentence

1. Exasperated, Jerry removes his wig and shouts, "I'm a man!"

2. Boscawen took off his wig and plugged the hole.

3. He removes his wig and surrenders his official position, and then leaves the court.

4. During this fighting Warren was nearly killed, a musket ball striking part of his wig.

5. Faber, 2001), and the second is Why Handel Waggled His Wig (Faber &

6. He silences her by throwing his wig over her face, then falls asleep.

7. He was humorously known for sometimes removing his wig to wipe his brow while preaching.

8. He throws his wig at Georges and departs in a huff.

9. When Spanky loses his wig, the bullies give chase.

10. In all the excitement, Jamal loses his wig, revealing that he is in fact Jamal Jeffries.

11. he was reported to tear off his wig and throw it to the ground when he heard the news.

12. Stan stops her and takes off his wig.

13. Mainwaring then shows off his wig, only for Wilson to start laughing uncontrollably.

14. He was then brought to the scaffold on the Grand Place where his wig was removed.

15. In the coffin, he found Vonck’s skeleton, his wig and a well kept nightcap.

16. Luthor reveals his identity to the guards while removing his wig.

17. In the film, Luthor never takes off his wig.

18. Geoff racially insults Crow, who pulls his wig off in front of everyone.

19. He was reported to be so angry that he tore off his wig and threw it to the ground.

20. The Lennon double backflips off the screen, flinging his wig off.

21. set his wig on fire &

22. Hogan began dominating Angle and took off his wig to reveal Angle's bald head.

23. His wig is falling off to reveal a Jesuit's tonsure underneath.

24. Gaston, making a brusque movement reveals his sword and his wig slips.

25. His wig falls off and the duo runs out.

26. Poole attacks Williams and removes his wig, revealing Williams's bald scalp.

27. The crowd raised the necessary funds and then burnt his wig too.

28. She asks him to meet his parents by wearing his wig.

29. He said he had not been mistreated, but the kidnappers had kept his wig as a souvenir.

30. suddenly blew his wig off.