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his war cry in a sentence

1. Receiving the aegis from Zeus, Apollo entered the battlefield as per his father's command, causing great terror to the enemy with his war cry.

2. the reference is to King Henry IV of France (13 December 1553 – 14 May 1610), a pleasure-loving and cynical military leader, famed for wearing a striking white plume in his helmet and for his war cry: "Follow my white plume!"

3. His war cry seems to be a roar of an unidentifiable (and presumably horrific) creature.

4. "No surrender", was his war cry, "Fight on lads, no retreat" Brave Treacy cried before he died, shot down in Talbot Street.

5. Gerhardt's nickname, "Move 'Em Up Joe" came from his war cry, "Move 'em up", which he would shout from the bench or base line when his teammates were on base.

6. Prince Adam begins his war-cry by holding the Power Sword above his head with his right hand, proclaiming, "By the Power of Grayskull...." whereupon mystical lightning strikes the Power Sword and transforms him;

7. The sword doesn't play as much of a role in the early part of the film: He-Man is in his superhero form throughout the movie, and the Prince Adam alter ego is not explicitly shown to exist, so the character doesn't need to shout his war-cry with sword aloft.

8. The Apache then repeatedly knifed him, lick the bloodied knife, and does his war cry, and left the scene.

9. Gulak went on to feud with Akira Tozawa about his war cry chanting.