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his tunes in a sentence

1. In Ovid's account, Apollo completes his task by playing his tunes on his lyre.

2. During this period, Evans wrote out some of his tunes for Lagin.

3. He's working with Kerry on his tunes.

4. Four of his tunes, including Montgomery, are in the 1991 edition of The Sacred Harp;

5. Some of his tunes have been considered as Jewish folklore.

6. eleven of his tunes appear in The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

7. His tunes have also been used in television and film.

8. His tunes contained positive messages for kids.

9. In other words, his tunes have a bit of an avant-garde flavor.

10. He composed most of his tunes here.

11. During his lifetime many of his tunes were published in three books;

12. Bobby shows off some of his tunes to Nashville star Garland Dupree (James Callahan).

13. He also published a book of his tunes.

14. He writes all his tunes in Harlem.

15. His tunes became hits in Germany, France, England, and America;

16. among his tunes is "Once or Twice", written in 1929.

17. His tunes were passed on by the actual singing in the true oral tradition.

18. Bob Sommers (Bing Crosby) writes his tunes with Billy Starbuck (Oscar Levant).

19. His tunes were very catchy and his songs instant hits.

20. They gave his tunes delicate and sparse arrangements, even singing some a cappella.

21. as he could hardly sing, he mostly whistled his tunes.

22. He was trying to make his tunes to fit his words and he succeeded.

23. Thanks to this, today's square tambourine Catalan and his tunes are back alive.

24. Hughes composed many of his tunes for Gymanfu Ganu and other Welsh singing meetings.

25. Among his tunes he co-authored "Champagne Polka" with Lawrence Welk.

26. One of his tunes is "Du meine Seele singe".

27. A selection of many of his tunes was published by his daughter Eileen in 2009.

28. Several of his tunes were included in the 1887 Congregational Church Hymnal.

29. Some of his tunes, including many ariettes, experienced lasting success.

30. Many of his tunes became popular as far as Poland;