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his theory in a sentence

1. In it, he outlined his theory as follows;

2. Oosterhoff later withdrew his theory.

3. Later Dicke went on to prove his theory.

4. Poirot elaborates on his theory.

5. He had formulated his theory by 1510.

6. He applied his theory of value to rent.

7. His theory has five assumptions.

8. His theory was later discredited.

9. He compared his theory to Pandora's box.

10. His theory has found little support.

11. his theory of epistemic closure;

12. He was quite paradoxical in his theory.

13. This is the first record of his theory.

14. Marcus published his theory in 1956.

15. His theory became known as the long ball.

16. His theory rests on three axioms.

17. His theory was short-lived.

18. Monk explains his theory.

19. (4) His theory of truth.

20. But his theory is used by other authors.

21. Shawn reveals his theory to the police.

22. His theory was very controversial.

23. His theory got rejection for 30 years.

24. He sells his theory.

25. Rahul wants to test his theory &

26. Breuil agreed with his theory.

27. However his theory was dismissed.

28. He can document his theory with facts.

29. His theory fell into disrepute.

30. He adduced nothing to prove his theory.