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his theories in a sentence

1. Humboldt urged him to publish his theories.

2. His theories are widely used in economics.

3. Shen Dao is remembered for his theories on Shih (lit.

4. In 1972, Money presented his theories in Man &

5. Shen Dao is remembered for his theories on Shih (lit.

6. He is known for his theories on the origin of life.

7. His theories of integration also contributed.

8. Cosima had considerable empathy with his theories;

9. His theories can be considered millenarian;

10. His theories and work are detailed in his 1971 book.

11. besides, they don't believe his theories.

12. Dalcroze needed a laboratory to test his theories.

13. His theories went on to encompass food-combining;

14. He first published his theories in the late 1980s.

15. His theories deeply influenced the American Founders.

16. His theories are a little different."

17. Some of his theories are:

18. In it, he defined his theories of airpower.

19. His theories were transmitted to the West.

20. Ripple based his theories on market inefficiencies.

21. Prance explains to Kit his theories about religion.

22. Afterwards, he developed his theories on cosmonautics.

23. His theories are still widely discussed today.

24. Coale presents his theories in several papers.

25. Hutton's prose hindered his theories.

26. He eventually confronts Jessica with his theories.

27. Some of his theories are no longer accepted today.

28. However, his theories are brushed off as stories.

29. His theories met with general discredits.

30. Most of his theories are arrant nonsense.