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his tennis career in a sentence

1. His father gave him the racket, beginning his tennis career.

2. Hewitt then left Immanuel College to concentrate on his tennis career.

3. 2004 proved a disastrous year in terms of his tennis career and public profile.

4. Henman occasionally smoked cigarettes during his tennis career.

5. Many believe that Mercer Beasley started him on his tennis career at age 14 in Pasadena.

6. After his tennis career, Johnston was active in the brokerage industry.

7. but he announced he would freeze his residency for some time due to his tennis career.

8. At the same time, he stopped studying to focus on his tennis career.

9. With the support of his parents, Sherwood put his tennis career back on track.

10. After his tennis career he became an advertising executive in New York.

11. After his tennis career, Savitt entered the oil business in Louisiana.

12. After his tennis career, Hung is now working in the finance industry.

13. He left university without being awarded a degree, in order to pursue his tennis career.

14. His tennis career ended with the 2001 US Open.

15. His parents remortgaged their house five times to support his tennis career.

16. He sees the defeat in the semi final as the biggest disappointment in his tennis career.

17. Smyczek plays the violin and wants to be a lawyer when his tennis career is over.

18. After his tennis career he became an Assistant State Prosecutor.

19. For most of his tennis career, Hall was coached by Rich Berman.

20. Johnson hopes to complete his degree after his tennis career.

21. His tennis career began at the Nike Bhupathi Tennis Academy in Bangalore, India.

22. In 1989 he ended his tennis career, and became a coach.

23. He started his tennis career at PERKS Tennis Academy, Coimbatore.

24. He began his tennis career in 1946.

25. Zirngibl studied medicine during his tennis career and became an orthopaedic surgeon.

26. For much of his tennis career he was based in Paris, France.

27. After the war, Holland resumed his tennis career.

28. In his tennis career he had wins over Jack Kramer, Ted Schroeder, and Herbie Flam.

29. Following his tennis career he worked as the leader of a player's union.

30. Following his tennis career he settled in Baytown, Texas.