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his task in a sentence

1. he had not seen this as his task.

2. His task as dean was a complicated one.

3. His task was to "Bolshevise" the KPRP.

4. Aided by these figures, he commenced his task.

5. His task in this war has been well done.

6. His task was formidable;

7. They agreed and he set about his task.

8. but he did not complete his task.

9. Grawitz took a radical approach to his task.

10. His task was to create a Turkish folk scene.

11. it was his task to improve the relationship.

12. His task was not easy;

13. In the evening, he set to his task.

14. His task was to get it finished and he did.

15. His task was simply to organize the meetings.

16. He died having almost completed his task.

17. Agent 23 makes it his task to find out why.

18. Willow adds her magic to his task;

19. His task over, Shankar asks Goga to leave;

20. This would have to be his task, he felt;

21. How he accomplishes his task forms the crux.

22. She helps him in his task.

23. The series ends before he is given his task.

24. Meanwhile, Khalujaan has his task cut out.

25. His task in Verona was to fortify the city.

26. Evidently his task was a labour of love."

27. Kibalnikov fulfilled his task brilliantly.

28. He started his task on 1 May 2017.

29. they are returned when he completes his task.

30. Therefore, his task was to prove the form.