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his talent in a sentence

1. I'll never knock his talent."

2. I'll never knock his talent."

3. His talent was many-sided.

4. His talent is a national treasure."

5. He wanted his talent to be respected.

6. His talent was recognized early;

7. He’s generous with his talent too."

8. Bruce said, "I dig his talent.

9. His talent was precocious;

10. His talent is to protest;

11. His talent crossed the borders.

12. I don't want him to lose his talent.

13. I envy his talent and commitment."

14. No man is without his talent;

15. That was his talent.

16. I am so humbled by his talent."

17. He believed in his talent.

18. His talent is akin to Eminem.

19. "His talent is phenomenal.

20. His talent at rugby was evident.

21. There his talent was recognised;

22. I don't have his talent.

23. His talent manager was Johnny Stark.

24. His talent did not go unnoticed;

25. thus accepting his talent.

26. His talent did not go unnoticed.

27. His talent was god-given.

28. His talent was recognised early.

29. That is his talent.

30. His talent entitles him to command.