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his suggestion in a sentence

1. Adele agreed to his suggestion.

2. Galland argued against his suggestion.

3. However, his suggestion was vetoed.

4. He was awarded $45 for his suggestion.

5. The word protoplasm was his suggestion;

6. Rajaji agreed with his suggestion.

7. his suggestion was unilaterally rejected.

8. His suggestion was approved.

9. Emperor Dezong ignored his suggestion.

10. The government turned down his suggestion.

11. His suggestion was ignored.

12. his suggestion was accepted.

13. Unfortunately, his suggestion was rejected.

14. Rajaji agreed with his suggestion.

15. and his suggestion was approved.

16. His suggestion, however, was not accepted.

17. His suggestion was accepted unanimously.

18. Eventually his suggestion is followed.

19. his suggestion being "KUDOS".

20. Lütjens rejected his suggestion.

21. However, his suggestion was rejected.

22. Howard included his suggestion.

23. His suggestion was dropped;

24. His suggestion, however, was not accepted.

25. I have reflected upon his suggestion.

26. His suggestion is very much apropos.

27. Let's consider briefly his suggestion.

28. His suggestion was knocked down.

29. His suggestion is that we should stay calm.

30. His suggestion is valueless.