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his side in a sentence

121. His executor, Thomas Langley, was at his side.

122. He recorded material for his side project WELT.

123. At his side there is a shield inscribed QUIRIN.

124. Swami says that he will always take his side.

125. Laura is asked by Wolverine to join his side.

126. Marianne, clinging to his side, is recognised.

127. His long-time partner, Kath, was by his side.

128. Grant had flown to Israel and was by his side.

129. The Catholic Church was naturally on his side.

130. The second boy has a dagger handy at his side.

131. His side went on to win the title that season.

132. His faithful attendant was still at his side."

133. From, his side he has done an excellent job".

134. His side reached the next three league finals;

135. Bai Bureh gave an account of his side to Rev.

136. Abby vows to stay by his side through it all.

137. Shortly after, however his side did equalize.

138. and all the Khazraj came to stand on his side.

139. 23 (top score for his side on each occasion).

140. He stood up and the apostle stood at his side;

141. These three sons are represented at his side.

142. The figure's arms and hands are at his side.

143. Fanny was buried by his side 18 years later.

144. Fortune, however, soon returned to his side.

145. Rashmi stays by his side and they get married.

146. He also captained his side from 1992 to 1996.

147. He helped his side win the Qatar Stars League.

148. Walz lives happily with Crymaria at his side.

149. He was able to get Upananda to join his side.

150. Thus, he evoked Lord Shiva to take his side.