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his side in a sentence

91. Fortune, however, soon returned to his side.

92. Elsa and several friends were by his side.

93. Elsa and several friends were by his side.

94. His side projects include benefit concerts.

95. Sivers rushes to his side as he lies dead.

96. Steph rushes to his side as he passes away.

97. His wife, Dr. Ellen Melton, was at his side.

98. Thus, he evoked Lord Shiva to take his side.

99. Iba joins Kagetora and fights by his side.

100. Finally, Barry gives his side of the story.

101. Marley is euthanized with John at his side.

102. Two of his attendants also died by his side.

103. He had one assist in his side's 6–3 win.

104. This leads to costs and efforts on his side.

105. His groans soon brought them to his side.

106. In 2006, he helped his side win the CIS Cup.

107. The Boy with the Thorn in His Side may mean:

108. His widow was buried in 1637 by his side.

109. His son Wesley was by his side when he died.

110. Both seem to have been won over to his side.

111. His wife and son, Mickey, were at his side.

112. Sidhardha meets Akhila to explain his side.

113. By his side sits a large Newfoundland dog.

114. his side subsequently suffered relegation.

115. He tells Naida about his side of the story.

116. his side, however, was already relegated.

117. After that, the camera never left his side.

118. María Clara spends the night at his side.

119. His hand rested on the tatami by his side.

120. delay on his side might be very excusable.