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his run in a sentence

1. However, Fraser made his run too late.

2. His run ended on August 24, 2010.

3. During his run on Hannity &

4. His run, however, was ended by an injury.

5. Bell announced his run in July 2005.

6. His run with Today turned out to be brief;

7. He finished his run in November 1987.

8. His run ended in April 2015.

9. His run concluded in December 2007.

10. His run lasted until May 8, 2016.

11. Ending his run with the Haro Brand.

12. This started his run as a heel.

13. The next time around he started his run.

14. His run with the program ended in 1945.

15. Kilpack began his run as Mr. Keen in 1937.

16. His run at The FAN lasted 19 years.

17. He began his run for state office.

18. His run in Portland ended in June 1992.

19. But his run at Springfield Nov.

20. In 1951, DeWitt T. Weaver started his run.

21. His run began on February 29, 2012.

22. His run there continued into the 1950s.

23. the first of his run.

24. His run in the Derby was just a mystery.

25. His run blocking became better as well.

26. Rick Perry in his run for president.

27. After his run on Jekyll &

28. This ended his run of 11 consecutive games.

29. He returns to his run as the credits roll.

30. over the length of his run;