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his ranking in a sentence

1. this took its toll on his ranking.

2. In determining his ranking, Greenberg cited the Capitol Theatre.

3. However his ranking continued to improve.

4. As a result, his ranking fell to below No. 900.

5. By April his ranking was 210.

6. His ranking brigade commander, Brig.

7. Following the event, his ranking increased seven spots to ninth.

8. and his ranking peaked at No. 2 in the world in 1935.[1]

9. His ranking then dropped to 31st in 2003.

10. By July 2002, his ranking had dropped to 326.

11. This result saw his ranking raise seven spots to world No. 114.

12. The result improved his ranking to 191.

13. His ranking rose to among the top three in the world.

14. His ranking slump continued as he was placed 56th in the world.

15. His US Open performance improved his ranking to no. 144.

16. His ranking deteriorated to No. 49, the lowest since 2012.

17. That got his ranking to a career-high of #254.

18. That got his ranking to a career-high of #115.

19. His ranking fell from No. 140 to No. 280.

20. But his ranking slipped back down below 300 by April.

21. He finished his ranking round with a total of 661 points.

22. This caused his ranking to drop out of the top 500.

23. By August 2013 his ranking had tumbled to number 430.

24. This results made his ranking dropped to number 137.

25. These results boasted his ranking from low 300's to 206.

26. His ranking as of June 2014 had fallen to 1193.

27. His ranking however increased to number 71 in just one month.

28. His ranking dropped to outside the top 200.

29. This further increased his ranking to 219.

30. His ranking in the United States Navy Reserve was Lieutenant.