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his predecessors in a sentence

1. His predecessors, however, had held their own ranks.

2. His predecessors are obscure;

3. Couperin departs from his predecessors in many ways.

4. He had to follow the plans drawn by his predecessors.

5. He also preserved the records of his predecessors.

6. He was given a less design than his predecessors.

7. unlike his predecessors

8. His patronage far exceeded his predecessors however.

9. Ulrich's relation to his predecessors is uncertain.

10. Like his predecessors, his attempts were in vain.

11. Nothing is known of his predecessors.

12. He was as unpopular as his predecessors.

13. his predecessors were born in the UK. The Rev.

14. singular iqtaʿ) of his predecessors' emirs.

15. more than all his predecessors combined –

16. He sought less publicity than his predecessors.

17. Like his predecessors, Sgt.

18. Like his predecessors, Gov.

19. The three men would simply be his predecessors.

20. He, as his predecessors, used to reside in Lebanon.

21. his predecessors had been curates, a lower position.

22. like all his predecessors

23. His predecessors were the Barons of Wangenheim.

24. Like his predecessors, Alauddin was a Sunni Muslim.

25. a Cabinet that was smaller than his predecessors.

26. He felt gimmicky in comparison to his predecessors.

27. his predecessors had used the spelling MacLennan.

28. He encountered three of his predecessors;

29. unlike his predecessors, he was an insider.

30. As many of his predecessors — including John f.