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his patron in a sentence

1. In 1696 he accompanied his patron to Sweden;

2. In 1777 his patron John Norris died;

3. as a satirical jest on his patron's title;

4. she was also his patron.

5. His patron was Joseph Banks.

6. His patron was the Duke of Atholl.

7. His patron deity is Zagyg.

8. His patron deity is Zagyg.

9. Osborn Andreas his patron had also died.

10. The identity of his patron is unknown.

11. His patron deity is Zagyg.

12. Later Lady Anne Bacon was his patron.

13. There his patron was the Duke de Beaufort.

14. Olimpia Maidalchini acted as his patron.

15. Tembe lost his patron.

16. His patron deity is Zagyg.

17. his patron was James Joseph Hines.

18. The Duke became his patron.

19. His patron god is Mars.

20. The Duke of Queensbury was his patron.

21. His patron saint was Saint Dominic.

22. His patron saint was St. John the Baptist.

23. He departed together with his patron's son.

24. James Madison was his patron."

25. and Francis Russell became his patron.

26. Philip the Apostle was his patron saint.

27. His patron appears to be unrecorded.

28. His patron was the Earl of Minto.

29. His patron was Mr Oliphant of Gask.

30. Anthony and Michael were his patron saints.