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his old rival in a sentence

1. Hortensius, trying to rally to his old rival's support, was almost lynched.

2. during Johnson's Hall of Fame ceremony, Bird formally inducted his old rival.

3. During this period, Ben-Gurion met with his old rival Menachem Begin in Sde Boker.

4. Long defeated his old rival Sam Jones by a wide margin.

5. his widow remarried his old rival, Theobald of Champagne.

6. He was opposed by his old rival Polsinelli, and won the election without difficulty.

7. Patel defeated his old rival, Ayodhya Prasad by 7601 votes to 4025.

8. Making it back to his factory on Coronation Street, he was found by his old rival Ken.

9. Anakin must enter the race and face his old rival Sebulba's son.

10. Ferus might not realize it, but his old rival is now his new deadly enemy.

11. Gomurr found his old rival’s body, and gave him a decent burial.

12. He was congratulated at the finish by his old rival, Louison Bobet.

13. Saldivar was in the audience to see his vacated title won by his old rival.

14. On May 29 Rinauro faced off against his old rival J-Rod in a losing effort.

15. He is then confronted by his old rival Geese Howard, and dies of his wounds.

16. King Mekuti of Lan Na had allied himself with his old rival Setthathirath of Lan Xang.

17. David is then captured by Po, who is surprised to see his old rival.

18. He also encounters his old rival, Ouyang Feng.

19. His old rival Huey Long later tried to mold LSU into the Long mystique.

20. Brown was re-elected to the mayor's office in 1991 over his old rival Philip White.

21. Udo castle at the time had belonged to his old rival, Konishi Yukinaga.

22. He forces his old rival to keep his face on the ground.

23. He lost to the newcomer Spear, and then to his old rival, Lee Yun Yeol (NaDa).

24. Gabriel's successor was his old rival Ishoʿyahb Melchisedec.

25. He also faced his old rival Larry Zbyszko in the Montreal-based Lutte Internationale.

26. Another unpleasant element is that one of his fellow slaves is his old rival Faquarl.

27. Memnon won the race easily by three lengths from his old rival The Alderman.

28. Perhaps no more than a coincidence, his old rival, John Keen, also lived in Long Ditton.

29. A bounty hunter and his old rival both case after a killer.

30. Gowon believed that his old rival, Moses Ali, was behind his trial.