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his need in a sentence

31. He acknowledges his fury, his need for a future, and his wish for a meaningful life.

32. Ishmael explains his need to go to sea and travels from Manhattan Island to New Bedford.

33. His prayer to God asking for help of is described to be his awareness of his need.

34. He borrowed in excess of his need, and kept the extra cash in a savings account.

35. His need for a high on-base percentage (OBP) exceeds that of the other lineup spots.

36. Noting al-Turabi's advanced age and his need for medication and a special diet.

37. Fyodor's difficulty with his project is complicated by his need to find a new lodging.

38. He claimed that working long hours as an MPP justified his need for the apartment.

39. He claimed that working long hours as an MPP justified his need for the apartment.

40. Catcher has a long conversation with Granny about his need to speak with Gina.

41. His distaste for Company work is suppressed by his need to stay in touch with his family.

42. enemy and friend alike have been victim to his need to repay violence for insult.

43. Having satisfied his need for bending, Bender returns to his job at Planet Express.

44. Moe asks for forgiveness and hopes that they understand his need to be accepted.

45. Not even his budding relationship with Fuuko can lessen his need to be with Iori.

46. Professor Erdmann expressed his frustrations concerning his need for a tachistoscope.

47. Mosberg's lack of conditioning may have explained his need to clinch so frequently.

48. Toma and Cyrille were shocked with his need to drink human blood to sustain himself.

49. His family grew up in poverty, motivating his need to immigrate later in life.

50. This suggests that his religious beliefs were irrelevant to his need for income.

51. His need to detect is not something that Natalie is going to be able to change.

52. The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

53. This leads him to realize that it was his need to control Jenn that drove her away.

54. He believed that Gus was "almost childlike in his need to be liked and accepted."

55. His talent for lying and his need to trick truth out of people were key to this."

56. Baskar conveys his need to Dr. Vijayan who convinces Malathi to accept the governess job.

57. He then urges the Sky to kill all humans, and lets his need for revenge control him.

58. With his aggressive nature and his need for superiority, what he had was not enough.

59. Diggle provides Oliver with medical assistance, limiting his need for hospital treatment.

60. She understood his need for independence and that he was more than a rodeo competitor.