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No. sentence
1 He shook his locks of hair, put an end to the night voices, and took away from mortals the truth that appears in darkness, and gave the privilege back again to Loxias.
2 Her descent, the avatarana is not a one time event, but a continuously occurring one in which she is forever falling from heaven into his locks and being forever tamed.
3 He had the hair of his body plucked out, and because of the thinness of his locks wore a wig so carefully fashioned and fitted to his head, that no one suspected it. Moreover, they say that he used to shave every day and smear his face with moist bread, beginning the practice with the appearance of the first down, so as never to have a beard.
4 Goaded by the fury of the dreadful goddess, tossing his locks in wild frenzy, clothed in woman's raiment with well-plaited tresses and a dainty netted hair-caul, a eunuch once took shelter in a mountain cavern, driven by the numbing snow of Zeus.
5 For this reason his locks hang from the whistling branches.
6 She asks again, and he says that he can be bound if his locks are woven into a weaver's loom.
7 He redefined the shape of his locks to rounded side walls, thicker, and more resistant to the lateral pressure of the earth.
8 On a business trip to New York City in 1868, the same year that the Yale Manufacturing Company was founded, Yale died suddenly of a heart attack while negotiating to have his locks installed in a skyscraper.
9 By that time, his locks were already selling profusely, and under Towne's management Yale Locks became the premier manufacturer of locks in the United States.
10 In an effort to present his locks over the continued usage of the Hobbs Locks, Yale contacted notable bankers and set up a live demonstration in which he successfully picked a Hobbs Lock.
11 He offered a $3000 (a hefty sum) reward to potential challengers, in the event that his locks were successfully picked.