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his journey homeward in a sentence

1. Apollo helped the Greek hero Diomedes, to escape from a great tempest during his journey homeward.

2. but then, on his journey homeward in triumph, he fell sick and died on 8 August 117.

3. The anonymous author, often simply referred to as "The Encomiast", was probably a Flemish monk, as he identifies himself in the text as a monk of St Bertin's or St Omer's. He mentions that he wrote the work at the specific request of his patroness Emma, to whom he shows some gratitude, and that he had witnessed Cnut when the king visited the abbey on his journey homeward.

4. Summoned to Rome for the XXth General Congregation (1820) and election of the Superior General of the Jesuits, he died suddenly in Jougne (France), on his journey homeward, and, through mistaken information to his mission and identity, he was buried with full military honours.

5. It was here that Mozart encountered them again (and was rejected by Aloysia), during his journey homeward to Salzburg.

6. On his journey homeward Sigurd comes across an unearthly blaze on the slopes of Hindfell.