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his inner circle in a sentence

1. Ginsberg introduced Corso to the rest of his inner circle.

2. Yakovlev had moved out of his inner circle and Shevardnadze had resigned.

3. Mercury and his inner circle of colleagues and friends continually denied the stories.

4. His inner circle then began to fall apart.

5. She also became one of Rae's most trusted ministers, and a part of his "inner circle".

6. He sent another of his inner circle also, but both were killed by the baying crowds.

7. He appointed his inner circle to key locations in Upper Burma.

8. After Marcos was elected president in 1965, Enrile became part of his inner circle.

9. This was followed by a controversial exploration of Freud and his inner circle;

10. Until Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945, Hewel remained in his inner circle.

11. The rebels demanded the king remove Maio and the archbishop from his inner circle.

12. PowerHouse ultimately won out and installed Octopus as one of his inner circle.

13. Most of his inner circle had died at the Battle of Poitiers.

14. Shandie and his inner circle decide to head to Hub to speak with the Imperor.

15. Kane and his Inner Circle are believed to be among the casualties.

16. At the end of the Nod campaign, Kane welcomes the Nod Commander to his Inner Circle.

17. Louis fears for his job, but Bertrand draws him into his inner circle of confidants.

18. Dr. Grief found Baxter and brought him into his inner circle.

19. He even began to offer a gold watch to any of his inner circle who could quit.

20. and by the Tehran Bureau as "Mashaei and his inner circle."

21. Soon she was working as part of his inner circle.

22. Sri Ramakrishna also recognized Adhara as belonging to his inner circle of devotees.

23. He gave his inner circle royal titles such as sir, prince, princess, lord, and lady.

24. His outspokenness met with hostility from Bjelke-Petersen and his inner circle.

25. He was also one of the members of his inner circle.

26. Betrayed by someone from his inner circle, Quinn is set up and arrested.

27. it was rare for an American painter to join his inner circle.

28. After the suicide of Nero, Galba made him part of his inner circle;

29. What Mr Obama lacks is wise, detached counsel from outside his inner circle.

30. No doubt Nixon and his inner circle savoured the notion.