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his great grandson in a sentence

1. His great-grandson, the Rt. Rev.

2. his great-grandson is actor Armie Hammer.

3. His great-grandson is actor Joe Alwyn.

4. His great-grandson was Don Lorenzo Milani.

5. His Great Grandson is the musician Joe Volk.

6. His great-grandson is actor Oliver Platt.

7. His great-grandson was raised to Marquess.

8. His great-grandson is actor Jonathan Tucker.

9. MP Philip Metcalfe was his great-grandson.

10. the fifth his great-grandson.

11. His great-grandson is Michael Marriott.

12. Jan Nisar Akhtar is his great-grandson.

13. His great-grandson is writer Ross Douthat.

14. His great-grandson is actor Matthew Modine.

15. His great-grandson is actor Hutch Dano.

16. His great grandson is S K Pradeep Subash.

17. His great-grandson, the Rev.

18. His great-grandson Ben Barnes, Lt. Gov.

19. His great grandson is Tim Besley.

20. Lubomyr Husar is his great-grandson.

21. His great grandson is Dylan Vega.

22. Yu Pingbo was his great-grandson;

23. Albert F. Huntt was his great-grandson.

24. His great-grandson was Ioan Petru Culianu.

25. His great grandson is Sir Mark Jones.

26. His great grandson still owns the land.

27. Thomas Lloyd is his great-grandson.

28. His great-grandson, the Rev.

29. his great-grandson Khurrah Khosrow;

30. Amos Tuck French was his great-grandson.