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1 In What Is Property? (1840), Proudhon first characterised his goal as a "third form of society, the synthesis of communism and property".
2 His goal was the advancement of Muslim agendas and protection of Muslim rights in India.
3 In 2016, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced his goal that by 2020 an image of Harriet Tubman would replace Jackson's depiction on the front side of the $20 banknote, and that an image of Jackson would be placed on the reverse side, though the final decision will be made by his successors.
4 The duty of the man who investigates the writings of scientists, if learning the truth is his goal, is to make himself an enemy of all that he reads, and ... attack it from every side.
5 His goal in writing the work was to explain the source of mankind's ability to form moral judgement, given that people begin life with no moral sentiments at all.
6 Although London was his goal, Henry did not move directly towards the city.
7 In the pamphlet for an April 1919 exhibition entitled Exhibition of Unknown Architects, Gropius proclaimed his goal as being "to create a new guild of craftsmen, without the class distinctions which raise an arrogant barrier between craftsman and artist."
8 His goal was to research, at the University of Bordeaux and in the Archivo de Indias in Seville, Spain, the history of slavery, a project that he later abandoned.
9 His goal in the 3–1 group win over Argentina was his 25th for England in just 38 appearances, and he was still only 24 years old;
10 His goals became a little less frequent, and indeed Jimmy Greaves, playing purely as a striker, overtook his England tally in October 1964.
11 In this sense, the Buddha was often called 'the great physician' because his goal was to cure the human condition of suffering first and foremost, not to speculate about metaphysics.
12 His goal was to create a European order based on co-operation rather than conflict and on mutual trust instead of rivalry and suspicion;
13 Napoleon kept the destination of the expedition top secret—most of the army's officers did not know of its target, and Bonaparte did not publicly reveal his goal until the first stage of the expedition was complete.
14 His goal was to augment game attendances by keeping the difference in team standings to a minimum as deep into the season as possible.
15 By 1991, Watterson had achieved his goal of securing a new contract that granted him legal control over his creation and all future licensing arrangements.
16 Messier did not even refrain from utilizing astrology to reach his goal.
17 However, his goal, as he relates in the beginning of the first book, is only to report what he had heard from his sources without judgement.
18 This goal was voted "Goal of the Century" in a 2002 online poll conducted by FIFA.
19 It transcended mere sports—his goal was pure art."
20 With United leading 2–0, Beckham noticed that Wimbledon's goalkeeper Neil Sullivan was standing a long way out of his goal, and hit a shot from the halfway line – 60 yards out – that floated over the goalkeeper and into the net.
21 His goal celebration for the 60-yard strike saw him raise his arms and walk away smiling rather than run as he often would.
22 It was reported in February 2020 Rohrabacher told Yahoo News his goal during a meeting with Julian Assange was to find evidence for a widely debunked conspiracy theory that WikiLeaks' real source was not Russian intelligence agents for the DNC emails but former DNC staffer Seth Rich.
23 In June 1791, the King made an ill-fated attempt to flee the country, but was apprehended short of his goal on the Austrian Netherlands border and was forced to return under guard to Paris.
24 In 1933, Hitler became the leader of Germany and began to work towards his goal of building Greater Germany.
25 A group of early listeners of the album viewed it as "commercial suicide", but Reznor did not make it for profit as his goal was to slightly broaden Nine Inch Nails' scope.
26 At times Husserl saw his goal as one of moral "renewal".
27 He wrote, "his goal should be to save in each part of the monument its own character, and yet to make it so that the united parts don't conflict with each other;
28 He wrote his goal in his diary: "in my art I attempt to explain life and its meaning to myself."
29 During his meeting with Jinnah on 5 April 1947, Mountbatten tried to persuade Jinnah of a united India, citing the difficult task of dividing the mixed states of Punjab and Bengal, but the Muslim leader was unyielding in his goal of establishing a separate Muslim state called Pakistan.
30 Among the Indian leaders, Mahatma Gandhi emphatically insisted on maintaining a united India and for a while successfully rallied people to this goal.