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his forelimbs in a sentence

1. The male grasps the female tightly with his forelimbs either behind the arms or in front of the back legs, or in the case of Epipedobates tricolor, around the neck.

2. The male approaches the female from the rear, and often resorts to aggressive methods such as biting the female's tail or hind limbs, followed by a mounting behavior in which the male clasps the edges of her carapace with his forelimbs and hind limbs to hold her in position.

3. When a male amphibian clasps a female around their waist (inguinal region) using his forelimbs, this is then considered inguinal amplexus.

4. A successful mate will wrap his forelimbs around the female in amplexus.

5. Actual mating involves amplexus, whereby the male grasps the female with his forelimbs posterior to her forelimbs.

6. female squatting in the front while standing on her hind legs, the male could easily rest his forelimbs on one side of her broad pelvis.