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his father's command in a sentence

1. Receiving the aegis from Zeus, Apollo entered the battlefield as per his father's command, causing great terror to the enemy with his war cry.

2. Pompey served under his father's command during the final years of the Social War.

3. He abandoned fasting and wearing black only on his father's command.

4. He entered the army as an officer cadet in February 1907 with the 10th Hanoverian Light Infantry Battalion, under his father's command.

5. Mark Jackson joined the Army and served under his father's command in Kosovo.

6. He languished in Paris over the winter, but eventually he secured a position in his father's command in the Army of the Rhine, joining that army in Frankfurt.

7. Zhuge Rong also took control of the troops previously under his father's command at Gong'an County.

8. Howard served at sea under his father's command as a youth.

9. His son Capt. Obediah Jennings Wise died in 1862 under his father's command at Roanoke Island.

10. According to tradition, his son Henry lived in this castle, as a prisoner at his father's command.

11. He married his first wife in 1788 and rejoined the regiment under his father's command at Detroit in 1790.

12. So he was cursed by Yayati that none of Yadu's progeny shall possess the dominion under his father's command.

13. When he refused to return to Saigon at his father's command, he was cut off and had to work as a dishwasher to earn his living.

14. The younger Stricker served as a cadet under his father's command, in the 1st Maryland Regiment, commanded by Gen.

15. All discussion on the matter ended with his father's command that he remain in school: "You shall comply with my desires."

16. He served in all the regiment's engagements under his father's command during the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

17. Schomberg entered the navy in 1788 as captain's servant on the yacht of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Dorset, under his father's command.

18. His son, James P. Whitcomb, built Mountain Buck at Naselle in 1888, which was placed in towing service under his father's command.

19. He joined the Killyleagh Volunteers (a militia group later associated with radical reform) under his father's command, also in 1784.

20. He began his military service in 1832 as a private in an infantry company during the Black Hawk War, serving as a trumpeter under his father's command.

21. Clyde, as he must, accepts his father's command.

22. Maître de Camp of a cavalry regiment and Brigadier in the Armées du Roi, he served in Italy in 1733 under his father's command.

23. The younger Turner first set sail aboard Grasmere between the ages of 8 and 13. Turner served under his father's command on Queen of the Nations.

24. After the death of his elder brother, Ustad Manji Khan, Ustad Bhurji Khan agreed to teach Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur under his father's command.

25. In 1793 he again joined the army, serving chiefly under his father's command in the Alps, and rising in 1796 to the rank of chef de brigade.

26. As consul for the following year, he took over his father's command of the army in Apulia and recaptured Arpi.

27. The warrior then encountered the surviving soldiers who had been under his father's command.

28. Sonny obeys his father's command not to interfere until he visits Connie and finds her sobbing and battered.

29. However, Mindia's affinity with nature and all life forbids this and he refuses his father's command.

30. In April 1775, during the American Revolutionary War, he served as a fifer under his father's command and witnessed the burning of Charlestown, Massachusetts.