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No. sentence
1 Receiving the aegis from Zeus, Apollo entered the battlefield as per his father's command, causing great terror to the enemy with his war cry.
2 In 1657, while Aurangzeb attacked Golconda and Bijapur in the Deccan, the Hindu Maratha warrior, Shivaji, used guerrilla tactics to take control of three Adil Shahi forts formerly under his father's command.
3 Pompey served under his father's command during the final years of the Social War.
4 William Rufus inherited the Anglo-Norman settlement detailed in the Domesday Book, a survey undertaken at his father's command, essentially for the purposes of taxation, which was an example of the control of the English monarchy.
5 He abandoned fasting and wearing black only on his father's command.
6 He entered the army as an officer cadet in February 1907 with the 10th Hanoverian Light Infantry Battalion, under his father's command.
7 Mark Jackson joined the Army and served under his father's command in Kosovo.
8 He languished in Paris over the winter, but eventually he secured a position in his father's command in the Army of the Rhine, joining that army in Frankfurt.
9 Zhuge Rong also took control of the troops previously under his father's command at Gong'an County.
10 Then, the coffin was lowered into the ground and the Marshal was laid to rest beside his only son, Bernard, who had been killed fighting under his father's command in Indochina about eight months earlier.
11 Before becoming a great leader, Big Bear became a great warrior, taking warriors under his father's command on missions that he described as "haunting the Blackfoot".