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his farm in a sentence

1. His farm had numerous roses.

2. The office was moved to his farm.

3. His farm's main crop was yuca.

4. His farm produced strawberries.

5. He succeeds and buys his farm.

6. Ge died on his farm in 1894.

7. Bessonnet named his farm Boyanup.

8. He died at his farm on 17 July 2013.

9. Murray returned to his farm.

10. His farm bankrupted in 1931.

11. He returned to his farm.

12. Cole named his farm "Kekopey Ranch";

13. He died on his farm near Welsford.

14. He found his farm in Malibu Canyon.

15. his, to have pets on his farm.

16. At his farm he began to write books.

17. He died at his farm in 1986.

18. He raised livestock on his farm.

19. He named his farm as Baradari farm.

20. M. labored on his farm.

21. Lowe was interred on his farm.

22. He moved from his farm to Kirkenes.

23. and his farm Actin Ranch.

24. He raised pigs on his farm.

25. There he settled on his farm.

26. Purdy sold his farm in 1942.

27. Longy died on his farm in 1930.

28. He repossessed himself of his farm.

29. Adams retired to his farm in Quincy.

30. The farmer has 20 ewes on his farm.