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his entire interest in a sentence

1. Flamel was not a religious scholar as were many of his predecessors, and his entire interest in the subject revolved around the pursuit of the philosopher's stone.

2. the investment soon turned sour and following a protracted and aggressive lawsuit, in 1993 Lurie lost his entire interest in the development to Abdul Aziz.

3. The Andrews trust essentially claimed that under a 1963 agreement, Modell owed a finder's fee for his original purchase of the team which was to be paid when Modell sold his entire interest.

4. In 2007, after having amassed a 50.1% stake in the Cigatam tobacco company, Slim reduced his holdings by selling a large portion of his equity to Philip Morris for US$1.1 billion, while in the same year also selling his entire interest in a tile company, Porcelanite, for US$800 million.

5. Ryan again sold out his entire interest in a company he had founded, when in 1969, he sold Ryan Aeronautical Corp.

6. What vast, undreamed of achievement might await man would he but devote his entire interest to promoting the commonweal of a universal human brotherhood.

7. Almost immediately, he started selling off his stake in the company, explaining his decision by that he was no longer involved in managing the company, “and it made little sense to hold on to such a large stake as a portfolio investor.” By the fall of 2009, Muravyov had sold his entire interest in the cement business, announcing that he was interested in investing in farming in the Krasnodar Region and in IT (he held a 10% stake in Integrated Instant Payment Systems at the time".