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his ability in a sentence

61. Maddux was noted for his ability to warm up quickly.

62. Mamby was known for his ability to take punches well;

63. His ability to cope with toxins is also heightened;

64. Frohman was known for his ability to develop talent.

65. The tumor had robbed Engle of his ability to speak.

66. He is proud of his ability to make other men better.

67. But I think above all it was his ability to swing.

68. to a third, one—to each according to his ability.

69. His ability to read Latin was cited as proof of this.

70. He lost his ability to hear due to spinal meningitis.

71. 25:15), and not "FROM each according to his ability".

72. This act of kindness restores his ability to speak.

73. A king was losing his sight and his ability to walk.

74. McDonald is also recognized for his ability to teach.

75. Shelly questions his ability to be a father again.

76. He is well known for his ability to break tackles.

77. Another stroke in 1999 removed his ability to speak.

78. He saved her from the dog, using his ability to fly.

79. Some of the shots he played spoke about his ability."

80. The drugs initially blocked his ability to work hard.

81. Peter agrees, and Arthur uses his ability on his son.

82. He is also known for his ability to find new singers.

83. Anna walks out and Mark confesses his ability to lie.

84. His ability to get about the park has been amazing".

85. Confident in his ability, Malick exudes arrogance.

86. he is also renowned for his ability from free kicks.

87. The revocation had no bearing on his ability to work.

88. Campbell's strength was his ability in match play.

89. Bremer eventually loses his ability to taste food.

90. He has been noted for his ability on the left flank.