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his ability in a sentence

1. A stroke in 1901 reduced his ability to work.

2. Bulldozers" to showcase his ability.

3. But he was aware of his ability.

4. for his ability to deadpan as a straight man.

5. His ability is absolutely first class."

6. His ability consists of three Nen Monkeys;

7. No one can match his ability.

8. Matt decides to tell her about his ability.

9. His ability is not insurmountable;

10. Pain beyond his ability to endure;

11. Foley to the best of his ability.

12. it did not affect his ability to run.

13. his ability was to support other forwards."

14. His ability to adapt is very impressive!

15. Rajvansh loses his ability to walk.

16. Charles complimented Seaman on his ability.

17. He was known for his ability with numbers.

18. He also lost his ability to read.

19. He is known for his ability to dribble.

20. There is evidence of his ability to cook;

21. He retains his ability to speak to Mephisto.

22. He was known for his ability as a speaker.

23. This affected his ability to paint, however;

24. He refined his ability to paint portraits.

25. Bivolo uses his ability on Barry's mind;

26. referred to his ability as an able &

27. His ability as an instructor won accolades.

28. Later, he lost his ability to work.

29. Samar finally regains his ability to walk.

30. Nobody can impugn his ability.