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hind legs in a sentence

1. Straight hind legs.

2. The creature also had long hind legs."

3. its hind legs are marked by 9 Peg.

4. Its hind legs are mere stumps;

5. that is, they walked on their hind legs.

6. Its hind legs are dark grey.

7. They walk on their mid and hind legs;

8. They use the hind legs as oars;

9. The hind legs have crossbars.

10. The hind legs are short and robust.

11. The hind legs are short.

12. The hind legs are short.

13. The hind legs are moderately long.

14. The hind legs have a reddish tint.

15. The hind legs are relatively large.

16. The hind legs are faintly barred.

17. Hind legs are long;

18. The hind legs are shaped ant-like.

19. The hind legs are remarkably powerful.

20. his hind legs drawn under him;

21. The hind legs are most often affected.

22. It hands hind legs first.

23. They have extraordinary long hind legs.

24. Hind legs without swimming hairs.

25. So the hind legs cannot be raised.

26. Hind legs of Anolis cuvieri.

27. Their hind legs are often cow-hocked.

28. Hind legs are elongated;

29. The middle and hind legs are very long;

30. The hind legs were slightly longer.